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The infrastructure behind Twitter

Good read from the twitter blog: Mazdak Hashemi (@mazdakh), VP of Infrastructure and Operations Engineering wrote the following post: The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale. Enjoy! . Popular search terms:JIKN504 Contact S de RL exporting importing info@ mail504 Sales7NIB Read more

Scaling DNS with dnsdist

A buddy of mine just published a blog post here which is the inspiration of me posting this. I thought it might be interesting to some readers. Dnsdist is an open source project from the PowerDNS team. It is a DNS load balancer that is DDoS aware and can deliver great performance to legitimate users […] Read more

Scaling your Personal Knowledge: Being a “Mentee”

This purpose of me writing this blog post is to build on my last post, Experiment to Scale Personal Knowledge. My hope is someone finds it useful as I discuss how to short cut the learning curve to be able to learn more through a mentor’s experience and scale yourself personally. In my previous post, […] Read more