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Using libcloud: an unified API for Cloud based Products

Apache libcloud is an unified open-source API to work with Cloud providers. It was written in Python and allows you to interact with popular Cloud service providers like Google, Rackspace, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Zerigo, Cloudflare and many others. It was created to make your life easier while developing apps or building cloud products that work with several […] Read more

Scaling AdRoll, TheNextWeb and BuySellAds

MaxCDN has released a series of blog posts called #MaxScale that takes an in-depth look at how tech companies handle scale at the highest levels of bandwidth, storage, analysis and more. We’ve compiled the first three in the series, which talks about scaling AdRoll, TheNextWeb and BuySellAds. How AdRoll Has Scaled To Process 1.8 Trillion […] Read more

How Ansible Scaled their Opensource Community

In this post I will highlight the devops automation platform Ansible and the ways it has become one of the most active GitHub communities. What makes Ansible distinguishable is that it has taken off in an open source world with plenty of good options for configuration management and remote access tools. Ansible is really unique […] Read more