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Winginx: Nginx for Windows made easy


Time ago I wrote an article talking about Installing Nginx on Windows and it was certainly a good solution if you need Nginx for Windows. However, today I found a very good software that will help you to make the Nginx installation on Windows even easier. I’m talking about Winginx, a Windows app similar to XAMP that will install Nginx and other software automatically for you.

Winginx features

  • Simple Nginx installation on Windows
  • Multi-project development system
  • Project management: tasks and time tracking
  • Test local websites, services and browser-based applications
  • Easy update process to update Nginx and other apps.
  • Let’s you develop in PHP and NodeJS
  • Ready to use with MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Memcached
  • Unified control panel for the server
  • Work with different versions of PHP
  • Framework & CMS support: CakePHP, WordPress, Joomla, among others.

System requirements for Winginx

Winginx works perfectly on Windows Vista/7. For Windows 98/XP users you need to update IExplorer and install .NET Framework 2.0.

Download and get more information at Winginx

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