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Welcome to Nginx Message

Welcome to Nginx is becoming very common in these days, as multiple services like yahoo, google, tumblr, worpdress and others are using Nginx as their default web server. However, there are two scenarios where you can see this welcome to nginx message:

1) Visiting a popular website that you don’t own: examples, yahoo, google, wordpress, etc… if this message happens when you visit a popular website, it may indicate some server side issues on their end, it’s not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it except for clearing your browsing cache and wait a few hours for that to dissapear.

2) Visiting your own website o server: if this is the case, it means you probably just installed Nginx webserver and haven’t yet configured the document root for the virtual hosts / domains you will use in your server, just edit nginx.conf or any *.conf file to fix it.

In CentOS Linux, this welcome message can be found and edited at /usr/share/nginx/index.html, which is the default document root for the Nginx standart installation.


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