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How to install LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04

We all know what LAMP is, right? It means Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It was the traditional stack where most developers built their apps for the past decade. However, on this tutorial we will replace the traditional MySQL server with a cool replacement called MariaDB, and Apache with the all mighty Nginx. On this […] Read more

How to install HHVM + Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

HHVM is a virtual machine created by Facebook engineers, it was built to support high traffic from PHP requests for the facebook requirements. It’s used ot execute PHP and Hack apps. The main difference between HHVM PHP and other PHP servers is the fact that HHVM compiles PHP into machine code for faster processing. The […] Read more

Installing Nginx on Debian 8

Have you heard about Debian? It is one of the oldest and most stable Linux distributions ever for Desktop and servers, it is not widely used as Ubuntu or CentOS, but still a great choice for all those who want to try Linux for the first time or to host their production apps. The great […] Read more

How to Enable HTTP/2 on Nginx

HTTP/2 is the new generation protocol replacement for the common HTTP/1.1 protocol that you use in your daily tasks while browsing the internet. Based on the fabulous SPDY, this new HTTP protocol is focused on providing the best performance ever between network connections and end users. Specifically, it aims to improve end-user latency and network usage. Its major goal […] Read more

Kong: An API Management Solution Powered by Nginx

Kong is the King Kong of the APIs. It is one of the greatest tools for developers who need to work with API management. Kong is open source, scalable, modular, and runs on any kind of infrastructure. Kong has been powering great dev projects like Mashape (the world largest API Marketplace) for years. Best of all, Kong is powered by […] Read more