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Varnish: change server name response

Varnish is a web cache server, that can help you to reduce the load of your server, and at the same time will improve your websites speed. I’ve been playing with this software since about 1 year ago, and even I don’t still pretty confortable with it, I have to admit that  it is very […] Read more

How to install Varnish on CentOS

A few days ago I wrote about How to install Varnish on Ubuntu. Today I will do the same but for CentOS Linux, which is one of the leading server distros around the world. I will cover the installation and configuration of Varnish on CentOS 6.5 64 bit. As you may know, Varnish has become one […] Read more

How to install Varnish on Ubuntu

Today I will explain How to install Varnish on Ubuntu Linux. In just two simple steps we can have our varnish-cache server working on Ubuntu. Before start you need to move to and get the lastest stable version of Varnish, it is recommended to use the official Ubuntu repository provided in varnish-cache website. Install […] Read more