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How to Configure a Remote MySQL Database on Ubuntu

Most developers and webmasters don’t need remote MySQL connections. Their small websites use MySQL, running on the same server as their PHP applications. That’s why ‘localhost’ ( is specified as the MySQL server/host on most CMS and apps installations. Even if you have a cache system configured for MySQL, when you have big traffic applications with […] Read more

Complete MySQL Backup from Linux command line

Backups are an essential part of any online system, if you don’t have any backups then you will end losing all your information, which will make you lose time, money and even customers. Today I will show you how to backup your databases using MySQLDump utility so you can backup and restore your databases one […] Read more

How to reset / recover MySQL root password

If you ever lose your MySQL root password, and you are using Linux, it’s your lucky day. Don’t worry, there is an easy way to recover or reset MySQL root password. And if you are using Windows, light a candle and ask God for help :D. On most modern Linux distributions you can recover the mysql […] Read more

How to configure a remote MySQL connection

On low traffic websites rare times you will need to run you own MySQL dedicated vps or server, however on high traffic websites it’s a very common practice to split the database queries to a dedicated server or VPS that will run only MySQL server. This server scheme has two machines, one for php with […] Read more