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Complete MySQL Backup from Linux command line

Backups are an essential part of any online system, if you don’t have any backups then you will end losing all your information, which will make you lose time, money and even customers. Today I will show you how to backup your databases using MySQLDump utility so you can backup and restore your databases one […] Read more

How to create a Linux daemon / service

On this tutorial I will show you how to create a linux daemon / service. A Linux daemon is a script¬†that is always running, an application that is always executing on the background and can be manipulated (start, stop, reload or restart) from the command line by the OS users. Note: on this tutorial I […] Read more

Optimizing JPG / PNG images on Linux

There are lot of online tools and apps to optimize your images, however the problem comes when you have lot of images to process, then those tools are not so well designed and we have to search for more practical ways to do it. If you have come to this point… then you must considering […] Read more

How to find all hidden files recursively on Linux

Sometimes you need to find hidden files on certain directories inside your pc or servers, so… here¬†are some fast tips to do it. It’s an easy process, it takes 1 minute and doesn’t not require root privileges. At the end you will also bea ble to save the results of the hidden files found on […] Read more

How to find large files on Linux

When you are running out of disk space sometimes you need to search your server to see which files are the ones that are consuming all the disk. And here comes the question, How to find large files on Linux? First let me tell you that there is not a single command to do this, […] Read more