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How to install HHVM + Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

HHVM is a virtual machine created by Facebook engineers, it was built to support high traffic from PHP requests for the facebook requirements. It’s used ot execute PHP and Hack apps. The main difference between HHVM PHP and other PHP servers is the fact that HHVM compiles PHP into machine code for faster processing. The […] Read more

How to run WordPress with HHVM on Nginx

Today we will cover the configuration of HHVM + Nginx to serve a WordPress blog. But first, let’s understand what is HHVM and how can it help to boost your WordPress performance. What is HHVM? HipHop for PHP (aka HHVM) is virtual machine that was designed originally by Facebook engineers to gain more performance over […] Read more

How to install HHVM on CentOS 6.x / Fedora 20

HHVM is a new php technology that has been growing a lot since Facebook engineers implemented it on their servers. Basically, it’s an open source high performance PHP server. It is compatible with the top 20 Github frameworks and can give your server and pages a really big performance boost. On this post I will explain How […] Read more