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Nginx Scripts & Modules for WHM/cPanel

Nginx has been adopted by many web hosting companies to increase server performance and speed up website response times. However, one of the main software leaders in the hosting industry still doesn’t fully support it. This native web server is WHM/cPanel. cPanel is the most popular control panel used by webmasters and developers. It allows you to set […] Read more

How to Install MongoDB on CentOS + cPanel

MongoDB is one of those technologies that you should be paying attention to because it’s changing the way that developers interact with databases. MongoDB is officially a “NoSQL” database. Thanks to its architecture and BSON structure, it can scale more easily than other popular database servers like MySQL. MongoDB helps you to integrate database information into your […] Read more

How to install mod_pagespeed on cPanel servers

Mod_Pagespeed is an open source web performance module designed to work with Apache and Nginx servers. This excellent tool has been out for a few years now, but it wasn’t until last year that it became stable enough to start using it on cPanel servers. For anyone who’s interested in web performance, this module is […] Read more

How to Find all email accounts on a cPanel server

Yesterday one of my customers requested me to find all the email accounts created on a cPanel server. The best way to do this without using the cPanel API was to issue a simple ls command and filter the results with tr, grep and sed, it’s not the most clean way to do it but […] Read more

How to install and configure Nginx on cPanel servers

Are you ready to give your cpanel servers a big performance boost?  Then take a look at this tutorial, where we will guide you to install & configure Nginx on your cPanel server. As you know, cPanel doesn’t have native support for Nginx yet, that’s why you are forced to use Apache web server, which is not […] Read more