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20 popular NodeJS modules for Nginx

In the past months I have published many guides about how to install NodeJS on Linux systems and integrate with Nginx:

  • How to Install NodeJS on Fedora 20
  • How to Install latest NodeJS version on CentOS
  • How to setup Nginx as Proxy for NodeJS
  • How to Install latest Node.js version on Ubuntu 12.04

So assuming you already installed NodeJS and Nginx, you will probably need to use some NodeJS Nginx modules to manipule data and the nginx server itself. And here are 20 of the most used/popular NodeJS modules for Nginx written by different NodeJS users. With this NodeJS modules you can do lot of things, like add or remove nginx virtual hosts, restart nginx, parse its configuration, and much more.

  • nginx-vhosts
    Programmatically add or remove vhosts to a running Nginx instance
  • haibu-nginx
    nginx configuration generator for haibu
  • nginx-reload
    node module to start, stop and reload nginx by monitoring its PID file
  • nginx-stubstatus
    node parser for the nginx stub status response (
  • nginx-config
    A nginx-style config parser
  • grunt-nginx
    Grunt task for Nginx to start, stop and restart a server.
  • nginx-conf
    Dynamically update nginx configuration files via programmatic API
  • nginx-conf-parser
    nginx config files parser based on jison
  • install-nginx-on-ubuntu
    Installs Nginx on Ubuntu over SSH. Also starts Nginx and configures upstart to start and monitor Nginx on startup.
  • al-wardrobe-nginx
    Installs nginx on smartos
  • nginx-config-parser
    Parses nginx configs and converts back to strings
  • al-smartos-nginx
    Installs nginx version 1.2.3
  • ngineer
    Generate proxy routes for nginx
  • emyll
    Virtual Hosts Manager for Apache and Nginx
  • logparser
    Parse Nginx log files
  • nodeginx
    Generate the Nginx configuration file as proxy for Node.js
  • crazy
    An almost-web-framework. Use more Nginx!
  • empty-gif
    Buffer with transparent 1×1 gif image
  • sng
    The script that manages Nginx/PHP developement server
  • nginxparser
  • Parse Nginx log files


And if this is not enough, then search at the official NPM Nginx Modules page, you will find many more listed out there.

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  • nginx log parser
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