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Nginx announces new CEO Gus Robertson

Gus Robertson

According to Nginx, Gus Robertson will be the new CEO of the company, and will leverage his expertise in managing and growing technology companies like Red Hat and Microsoft.

This is the right time to make big moves, as this appointment comes as Nginx saw an overall growth of 10.6 million sites in April, according to Netcraft, with the largest Nginx hosting company, Hetzner Online AG, adding 1.6 million sites.

With Robertson on command, Nginx’s market share will probably grow much more (recently surpassed Microsoft), owning 14.81 percent of the total web market and is run on over 96 million websites.

Igor Sysoev, author and principal architect of Nginx said: “Gus has the right mix of passion for the technology and knowledge of open source development models. Plus, he has a proven track record with over 20 years of experience driving sales and marketing teams for successful multinational branded software companies. I’m confident with our continued product development and Gus’ leadership we will build on the great value we deliver for our customers.”

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