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MaxCDN: the best Nginx based CDN solution


Do you need a fast loading website? That’s why you are here at right? Because Nginx is probably the fastest  web server on the planet, it can help you to serve your content (static or dynamic) twice (or more) faster than other common webservers.

But having a web server with Nginx doesn’t allow you to reach all the speed your website deserve… and that’s why we have that magic solution called CDN.

What is a CDN?

Well… CDN means Content Delivery Network and it is basically a way to distribute the content of your webpage distributed around the globe, so… when someone from Asia, Africa or America is browsing your website, the CDN will serve the files from your website from the closest server to your client geographic location…

What does this mean? Faster load times, scalability, better search engine rankings and happy users (because nobody likes slow web pages).

There are many choices out there, but I can only recommend one, and that’s MaxCDN. I have been working with this guys using their service to serve static template files from very busy websites for almost one year from now and I love their service.

Here is why MaxCDN is my #1 CDN provider:

  • Based on Nginx webserver, which will ensure your web files will be served super fast!
  • Pricing is cheaper than other CDN solutions out there (right now it costs $39.95/year for 1TB, and if you search for coupons, you can get it even cheaper).
  • Technical Support rocks, they are always available on livechat or via email when you need them.
  • Easy user interface, that allows you to manage all your zones, cache, and many other settings.
  • Many points of presence: over 500 peering partners worldwide plus direct connection with 90 countries.
  • Support for SSL content, which helps you to serve secured content for e-commerce websites.
  • Trusted by large corporations, medium companies and particular users.
  • You can pay using many methods, including credit card, paypal and now bitcoins!

So, resuming, if you need to achieve the best speed just need to follow this two simple steps:

  1. Switch your website to Nginx webserver.
  2. Serve your static files from MaxCDN (remember to apply for this coupon to get a 25% off)



Esteban Borges

Linux Geek, Webperf Addict, Nginx Fan. CTO @Infranetworking