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How to update Nginx to the latest version

Once you got Nginx installed in your system, it’s very easy to update Nginx to the latest version.
If you installed Nginx compiling from source, you should repeat the same process once again:

Download the tar.gz file
Unpack it.
Run ./configure, make and make install.

If you installed using Yum or Apt-get, the process it’s even easier:

For CentOS/RHEL and Fedora Linux:

yum update nginx

For Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get update nginx

Then type “nginx -V” to check the webserver version.

That’s all 😀

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Esteban Borges

Linux Geek, Webperf Addict, Nginx Fan. CTO @Infranetworking

  • KDF

    I use “yum update nginx” to install Nginx on Centos 6.4 then I checked and saw that version 1.0.15, it’s latest version?


  • admin

    That’s an outdated version, latest stable version is 1.4.4.
    You are probably using an unofficial repository.

  • To use the official repo, refer to the Nginx Install page.

    There you’ll find you should create a file /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo with this content:

    name=nginx repo

    Replace $releasever with 6 or whatever you’re using.