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How to limit number of simultaneous VsFTPD connections for a single IP address

Today I was looking for a way to limit the maximum simultaneous connections of the VSFTPD ftp server so my customers can reach a limited level of connections from a single IP address. It seems that vsftpd by default allows unlimited connections from the same client IP address.

There is one single variable that can help you to limit connections, and it is called called: max_per_ip.

Edit vsfptd.conf file:

nano -w /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

Add the variable:


This will limit simultaneous connections to 5 max concurrent connections.

Apply the changes:

service vsftpd restart

All done, now your vsftpd server should limit the simultaneous connections for each single IP.

If you try to connect from more than 5 connections you will probably see this error:

421 There are too many connections from IP address.

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