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How to install Ming library on CentOS

One of my customers needed to install the ming library on CentOS, and I had no idea about what the **** Ming was… In fact was the first time someone asked for it. Ming is a library used to generate Flash files (.swf), written in C, it also include utilities for working with .swf files and has wrappers that can allow you to integrate this on almost any popular programming languages like C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl.

Here is a fast how to install Ming on CentOS.

Install system requirements

yum install bison flex
mkdir /root/ming
cd /root/ming

Download the lastest version from, in my case I used this version:

tar xzf ming-0.4.0.beta3.tar.gz
cd ming*
./configure --enable-php
make install

The library was installed at /usr/lib64/php/modules/

So, the next step to add ming to php is this:

Edit php.ini:

nano -w /etc/php.ini

Add this line at the end of the file:

Run php -i to see if Ming is loading from PHP:

[]php -i | grep ming -i
Ming SWF output library => enabled

Restart your webserver to apply the changes:

service nginx restart

And you are done.

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