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Glances: a top like monitoring system for Linux


Linux has lot of ways to monitor the system and resources usage. If you are one of those curious persons who would like to know how your system is going, then you are going to love Glances. You can find many monitoring tools that are specific to monitor one aspect of the linux system (disk, ram, cpu, i/o, etc), however Glances is like the classic top command, but it looks better.

Glances will show you monitoring data from kernel, CPU, load average, system process, memory usage, among other things. It is free and open source, written on Python and is available on most modern linux distributions.

We are going to install Glances on CentOS Linux using EPEL repo.

Check out How to install EPEL repo on CentOS to install the correct repository for your CentOS version.

Then run:

yum -y install glances

También está disponible por defecto en los repositorios de Ubuntu. Para instalar:

sudo apt-get install glances

If you need to read more about glances, check out the online documentation:


Esteban Borges

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  • Ivan Hristov

    Didn’t know about this, but looks very useful. Thanks for sharing !