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Top 5 Nginx plugins for WordPress

You surely know that WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms of all times. According to its authors WordPress powers more than 24% of the web, that makes WordPress the most successful web platform in this days. It’s easy to install and fast to learn, it has a clean interface with all the […] Read more

Nginx Proxy Cache Explained

When you are developing applications, among many things, you must focus in four important things: user experience, security, scalability and performance. And this last thing is not always 100% clear when you are a jr dev or are just starting in this coding world. While having good hardware and fast internet uplinks can help you […] Read more

How to compile ngx_pagespeed into Nginx on CentOS 7

ngx_pagespeed is an Nginx module that allows you to automatically optimize the resources of your web pages, it can setup a bunch of really cool cache rules to reduce the bandwidth used across the network, minify & combine elements to reduce the size of the files, optimize images, photos and much more to make your […] Read more

Nginx vs Varnish: which one is better?

Today at ScaleScale we will try to give some answers to a long vs challenge: Nginx vs Varnish. Both are wonderful technologies used by web developers who want to speed up their web applications, however both suit for different needs, and on this post we will try to answer some questions and know the lacks […] Read more