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How to Enable HTTP/2 on Nginx

HTTP/2 is the new generation protocol replacement for the common HTTP/1.1 protocol that you use in your daily tasks while browsing the internet. Based on the fabulous SPDY, this new HTTP protocol is focused on providing the best performance ever between network connections and end users. Specifically, it aims to improve end-user latency and network usage. Its major goal […] Read more

Kong: An API Management Solution Powered by Nginx

Kong is the King Kong of the APIs. It is one of the greatest tools for developers who need to work with API management. Kong is open source, scalable, modular, and runs on any kind of infrastructure. Kong has been powering great dev projects like Mashape (the world largest API Marketplace) for years. Best of all, Kong is powered by […] Read more

Top 10 Steps to Secure Your SSH Server

SSH means Secure Shell, and it’s a protocol designed to allow secure communications between different hosts using an encrypted connection. SSH servers allow users to log into remote hosts, run commands and operate network services, securely. In order to establish an SSH connection, you need two parts: the SSH client and the SSH server. A very […] Read more

How to Enable Port Knocking on CentOS

Port Knocking is a very interesting way to secure your SSH Server access. As the word implies, it consists of basically knocking on different ports with a predefined sequence. If the connection is making the knocks on the right ports with the right sequence, then the definitive SSH port allows the incoming connection. The easiest way […] Read more