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8 Essential Nginx Commands

If you are just beginning with Nginx, there are a few things that you may love to know while working with this fantastic web server. You will certainly benefit from this review of some of the basic manipulation commands to start, reload, stop, restart or check the health of your Nginx configuration. First, you need […] Read more

Understanding Common HTTP Status Codes

When you surf the World Wide Web, a lot of things happen at the same time. When you visit a URL, a lot of code is getting executed and rendered; information is going up and down from the servers to the clients, and vice versa. When you make an HTTP request, you need to understand the […] Read more

How to Customize Nginx Web Logs

Web logs are one of the important keys to understanding how HTTP requests work in real life. They’re also a great tool to analyze and debug errors in your online applications. Nginx offers great login features, and today you will learn how to configure and customize Nginx logs to make them easy to read and understand. Customizing Nginx Logs […] Read more

nginScript: Nginx + JavaScript

According to the latest Githut reports, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language. In fact, a substantial portion of the World Wide Web is written in this language. JavaScript is an agile, simple, powerful and flexible programming platform. Nginx, on the other hand, is the most popular and best performing HTTP server. It is generating a web revolution when […] Read more