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How To Serve Perl Scripts With Nginx

Perl is one of the most popular programming languages of all time. Today, Perl is still used for OS scripting, but not so much for web development (since PHP and other languages exist). Still, you will sometimes need to launch a Perl script and may find that it’s not working as expected on Nginx. Nginx does not have native […] Read more

ModX Nginx Configuration

ModX Revolution is an easy, all-in-one CMS and application framework, an alternative to other common CMS, like WordPress or Joomla. This is a free software, licensed under GPL, and it is 100% compatible with Nginx and PHP 5.1.1 and above. ModX includes WYSIWYG rich-text editors and full control over all metadata and URL structures (friendly URLs) […] Read more

How To Customize Your Nginx Server Name

In a previous post, you learned about how to hide the Nginx version from the HTTP headers. While that is basically security trough obscurity, it’s something that lot of devs are looking for. Following that line of thought, today you will go deeper and learn how to hide or customize the Nginx server name completely, instead of only the version number. Why Is […] Read more

Nginx Init Script for Fedora Linux

Sometimes, you need to compile Nginx from source. One of the disadvantages of this method is the fact that the source code doesn’t provide any init script for a fast service interaction with the user (such as service nginx start, stop, reload, restart, etc). However, you can install your own Nginx init script, and avoid running Nginx manually […] Read more