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How to Configure a Remote MySQL Database on Ubuntu

Most developers and webmasters don’t need remote MySQL connections. Their small websites use MySQL, running on the same server as their PHP applications. That’s why ‘localhost’ ( is specified as the MySQL server/host on most CMS and apps installations. Even if you have a cache system configured for MySQL, when you have big traffic applications with […] Read more

How to Fix Nginx Error 413: Request Entity Too Large

Error 413 is a very common Nginx error. It can be found on Nginx as a stand alone server or while using proxy-based solutions, when Nginx is acting as a front end server for Apache on the back end. Why do you get the Nginx 413 Request Entity Too Large error? This error occurs when your applications is trying […] Read more

Nginx Scripts & Modules for WHM/cPanel

Nginx has been adopted by many web hosting companies to increase server performance and speed up website response times. However, one of the main software leaders in the hosting industry still doesn’t fully support it. This native web server is WHM/cPanel. cPanel is the most popular control panel used by webmasters and developers. It allows you to set […] Read more

How to Install MongoDB on CentOS + cPanel

MongoDB is one of those technologies that you should be paying attention to because it’s changing the way that developers interact with databases. MongoDB is officially a “NoSQL” database. Thanks to its architecture and BSON structure, it can scale more easily than other popular database servers like MySQL. MongoDB helps you to integrate database information into your […] Read more

Create a Custom HTTP 503 Maintenance Page Using Nginx

The HTTP 503 error code is simply a temporary service not available maintenance error. The 503 error is used to let customers and visitors know that you are facing temporary technical problems. This situation is common when you are out of service because your system is  overloaded or down for scheduled maintenance. Luckily, on Nginx, you can customize […] Read more