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How to secure your EC2 virtual servers

Amazon Web Services are a great solution for web developers and sysadmins who are looking for the best tools to build and scale web apps. One of their most popular services is EC2, the place where you can create and manage your Virtual Server Hosting. Previously we wrote a tutorial about How to Launch a […] Read more

How to deploy your first website on AWS

Deploying your first website inside AWS is not as hard as you may think. Given the amount of services that AWS includes, it’s normal to get confused and know exactly what type of AWS service you need in order to get your website online. Today we are going to explore how to upload your website […] Read more

How to deploy WordPress on EC2 using AWS MarketPlace

One of the best things of AWS Marketplace is the big amount of quick solutions that you can find to deploy your web apps. One in particular is for WordPress. Using AWS Marketplace can save you hours of manual work from the Linux terminal. Today we are going to install WordPress on EC2 using AWS […] Read more

How to Launch a Linux Virtual Machine in AWS

Have you heard about AWS? If you live in the digital world as the rest of us, you probably know that AWS means Amazon Web Services. It’s a web services suite that offers solutions for developers, startups and sysadmins to build & launch their apps on a scalable and fast performance platform. AWS offers the […] Read more