Great Architectures, Stacks & DevOps at Webscale

By Chris Ueland

Scaling AdRoll, TheNextWeb and BuySellAds

MaxCDN has released a series of blog posts called #MaxScale that takes an in-depth look at how tech companies handle scale at the highest levels of bandwidth, storage, analysis and more. We’ve compiled the first three in the series, which talks about scaling AdRoll, TheNextWeb and BuySellAds.

How AdRoll Has Scaled To Process 1.8 Trillion Requests Per Month

Valentino Volonghi
AdRoll #statporn

150TB data/day
60B requests/day
1.8T requests/mo
100K metrics/sec

AdRoll’s Stack

Server: AWS
Web App: Python
Data Processing: Java
Machine Learning: D Programming Language
Realtime: Erlang
Monitoring & Analytics
Analytics: PrestoDB
Frontend Reporting: HBase
Monitoring: Datadog
Business Intelligence: Tableau

How The Next Web Scaled to 7.2 Million Visitors a Month

Boris Veldhuijzen Van Zanten
TNW #statporn

7.2M vistors/mo
9.5M pageviews/mo

TheNextWeb’s Stack

Software Stack: LAMP
CMS: WordPress
Content Delivery

How BuySellAds Went From 0 to 2+ Billion Ad Impressions Per Month

Todd Garland
BuySellAds #statporn

2B+ impressions/mo
12-20 stat servers

BuySellAd’s Stack

Content Delivery & Storage
Storage: AWS
Ad Server: Digital Ocean
Framework: PHP
Data Store: Kyoto Cabinet
Logs Processing: C++

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Chris Ueland

Wanting to call out all the good stuff when it comes to scaling, Chris Ueland created this blog, ScaleScale.

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