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The giant scale of Amazon Web Services

In this video, James Hamilton, VP and Distinguished Engineer, shows examples of AWS networking innovations from the interregional network backbone and dives into fundamental database work AWS is delivering to open up scaling and performance limits, reduce costs, and eliminate the burden of managing databases.

A fantastic summary by Todd @ High Scalability

  • AWS overall business has over 1 million active customers.
  • All 14 other cloud providers combined have 1/5th the aggregate capacity of AWS (estimate by Gartner in 2013)
  • 449 new services and major features released in 2014. 24 in 2008, 48 in 2009, 61 in 2010, 82 in 2011, 159 in 2012, 280 in 2013.
  • Every day, AWS adds enough new server capacity to support all of Amazon’s global infrastructure when it was a $7B annual revenue enterprise (in 2004).
  • S3 has 132% year-over-year growth in data transfer
  • EC2 has 99% YoY usage growth
  • 102Tbps network capacity into a datacenter.
  • Amazon has designed and built their own power substations.
  • 3 100% carbon neutral regions: US West (Oregon), AWS GovCloud (US), EU (Frankfurt)
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The Stunning Scale of AWS and What it Means for the Future

Web Scale w/ CoreOS, Docker, VulcanD and Mesos

This video is an introduction on how to create a web scale infrastructure based on Docker, CoreOS, Vulcand and Mesos, and why Object Storage becomes the de facto data repository.

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How to create a web scale infrastructure based on Docker, CoreOS, Vulcand and Mesos. And why Object Storage becomes the de facto data repository.

New Instance Types


Microsoft Azure announces the release of The G-series, offering the largest VM size in the public cloud.

  • up to 32 vCPUs using the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 family
  • 448GB of memory
  • 6.59 TB of local Solid State Drive (SSD) space
  • Enable much faster deployments of mission critical applications
  • Increase the maximum count of attached data disks to 64, enabling the attachment of up to 64 TBs of persistent disks in Azure Storage.
New G-Series VM Sizes
VM SizeCoresRAM (in GB)Local SSD Storage (in GB)
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Azure’s getting bigger, faster and more open


Amazon announces the latest generation of compute-optimized Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances called the C4 Instance Type.

New C4 Instance Type Sizes
Instance NamevCPU CountRAMNetwork Performance
c4.large23.75 GiBModerate
c4.xlarge47.5 GiBModerate
c4.2xlarge815 GiBHigh
c4.4xlarge1630 GiBHigh
c4.8xlarge3660 GiB10 Gbps
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New Compute-Optimized EC2 Instances


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