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By Chris Ueland

February 2016 Rewind

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1 billion Apple devices are in active use around the world

Using The Biggest Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud – Petri

What’s Lost With a DevOps Team

Instead of creating a flow from development to DevOps to operations, consider putting development, tools, and operations all together and giving them the same goals. They should be collaborators working shoulder-to-shoulder rather than work stations in a software factory.

Network Break 73: Cisco Buys Into IoT; Crypto Violence

scaling a database * /r/learnprogramming

Facebook Hits 100M Hours Of Video Watched A Day, 1B Users On Groups, 80M On Fb Lite

Amazon Cloud Logs More Growth

Microsoft Open Sources Deep Learning, AI Toolkit On GitHub – InformationWeek

Netflix Is Now Available Around the World


A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Scalable Web App on Amazon Web Services – Part 1

Building mHealth Applications (Part 2) – AWS Startup Collection

Building a serverless anagram solver with AWS (DynamoDB, Lambda, S3, CloudFront and API gateway)

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