Chris Ueland

Wanting to call out all the good stuff when it comes to scaling, Chris Ueland created this blog, ScaleScale.

The infrastructure behind Twitter

Good read from the twitter blog: Mazdak Hashemi (@mazdakh), VP of Infrastructure and Operations Engineering wrote the following post: The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale. Enjoy! . Popular search terms:JIKN504 Contact S de RL exporting importing info@ mail504 Sales7NIB Read more

Scaling DNS with dnsdist

A buddy of mine just published a blog post here which is the inspiration of me posting this. I thought it might be interesting to some readers. Dnsdist is an open source project from the PowerDNS team. It is a DNS load balancer that is DDoS aware and can deliver great performance to legitimate users […] Read more

Scaling your Personal Knowledge: Being a “Mentee”

This purpose of me writing this blog post is to build on my last post, Experiment to Scale Personal Knowledge. My hope is someone finds it useful as I discuss how to short cut the learning curve to be able to learn more through a mentor’s experience and scale yourself personally. In my previous post, […] Read more

Experiment to Scale Personal Knowledge

Hi! Today, I’m writing to share a personal experiment I’ve been working on for 2016. Growing up, I always had problems reading books. My right eye is “lazy”. The technical term is Amblyopia. I used to have to wear an eye patch and have to train my eyes as a kid. I was never really […] Read more

Changes Coming Soon to ScaleScale

Hi, I’ve been thinking about some new content for this site and we’re going to create a couple of categories: 1) Scaling Stories Things like the NetFlix stack. Coming soon will be:, Teleconsole, 2) Technical Scaling DIY Things like tips for NGinx, AWS, Rolling your own CDN etc. Coming Soon: Part II of Rolling […] Read more