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6TB Drive Comparison & DIY Storage Pods

The Backblaze Pod updated w/ 6TB Drives

Here’s a recap of BackBlaze’s transition from 4TB to 6TB hard drives in their storage pods. Over 10,000 hard drives to be purchased.

6TB Faceoff

  1. Initial reliability (how many drives failed) – No failures.
  2. Running reliability (3 months) – No failures
  3. SMART Stats (3 months) – No error conditions recorded for the 5 stats that we utilize.
  4. Hard Drive Cost – about the same.
  5. Energy Use – The Seagate drives were 7200 rpm and used slightly more electricity than the Western Digital drives which were 5400 rpm. This small difference adds up when you place 45 drives in a Storage Pod and then stack 10 Storage Pods in a cabinet.
  6. Loading speed – Edge to Western Digital, by a little over 1 TB per day on average.
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BackBlaze 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off (Seagate vs. Western Digital)

Build Your Own Pod

45 Drives Storage PodA complete Protocase Storage Server Pod from 45 Drives. Image © 45 Drives

Storage Pod 4.0: Direct Wire Drives – Faster, Simpler and Less Expensive

Backblaze has announced a completely redesigned approach with the introduction of the first “direct wire” Storage Pod which performs four times faster and is simpler to assemble. The result: lowest cost per gigabyte of data storage yet for BackBlaze.

In this article, BackBlaze will show you how to build a storage pod on a budget and gives a detailed list of the materials you will need to build your own pod. For the pod enclosure, you can order one from 45 Drives.

BackBlaze Storage Pods

BackBlaze Storage PodsImage © BackBlaze

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Hard Drive SMART Stats

Learn about predicting future hard drive failure. See which 5 of the SMART stats can help you to prevent data loss by knowing if a hard drive is due to fail.

Why Now is the Time for Backblaze to Build a 270 TB Storage Pod

BackBlaze is getting 50% more storage using the same 4U chassis by using off-the-shelf, standardized components in their Pod design.

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